Health and Safety

The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group is committed to ensuring a safe operating environment for staff, volunteers and contractors. OPBG demonstrates its commitment to health and safety by fostering a sensible and safe culture and aligning its policies and procedures with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. All staff, volunteers and contractors are required to undertake a health and safety compliance briefing prior to the commencement of OPBG activities.


GetHomeSafe is world class lone worker safety app used since 2013 and developed in Otago.

OPBG has adopted the Get Home Safe (GHS) app as part of our H&S systems for lone workers. We are using the system when we are in the field as part of our possum eradication work or other activities such as track maintenance or species monitoring. It can be used through mobile phones but it can also be integrated with other safety devices such as GPS units. As a simple to use app it makes a great safety tool alongside our traditional buddy system or personal locator beacons. For more information visit:

We would like to thank “GetHomeSafe” for becoming our partner in helping us to keep our field personnel safe and want to acknowledge the generous 100% discount offered by GHS by becoming their Brand Ambassador. Please visit their website to learn more about GHS.

Get Home Safe